Trade Shows & Exhibitions

A booth at a trade show can cost a small fortune, but if it is ignored by most attendees, it can be a waste of money. Attention is everything at trade shows, and a Roy Zaltsman performance assures that your booth at a trade show or exhibition gets all the attention it needs.

Some of his most basic abilities such as mind-reading demonstrations are a spectacle that is impossible to ignore and will keep a steady stream of interest at your table. His effortless charisma will bring the most possible traffic to your table, and his extraordinary skills will keep them there.
Roy Zaltsman is here to put his talents to your service. He will work with you to devise a presentation that makes your company and its message as much a part of the attraction as the audience, ensuring that you make an impression on as many leads as possible. He will work closely with your team to develop a show that uses his ability to captivate audiences with his incredible performances to promote your product, service or theme in a unique and spectacular fashion as well as call them to action. His experience and charm make him a perfect representative for corporate clients, drawing in exposure that your industry might never generate on its own.

Experience the irresistible Roy Zaltsman effect at your next trade show and make your booth the talk of the event.

Among Roy Zaltsman services:

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