Convention Host / Emcee

As an experienced performer and host, Roy Zaltsman has an innate understanding of how to connect with a crowd. His signature stage presence and charm make him a skilled Master of Ceremonies for a range of corporate events. He understands how the various elements of a successful presentation must be balanced for informational and entertainment value, and will work together with you to determine your individual needs and create a unified outline for the event that is sure to hold audience attention throughout.

His eye for detail and pride in his craft enables him to provide personalized insight into the contributions of guest speakers and other event participants, weaving all the diverse components into the fabric of your event and creating a seamless presentation. Roy will expertly set the stage for each of your presenters, guaranteeing the full attention of your audience for even the most technical portions of the program.

Roy Zaltsman has cultivated his reputation as a true Master of Ceremonies internationally, and is waiting to help make your next event a success from beginning to end.

Among Roy Zaltsman services:

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