Mind Reading shows

The most successful corporate events seize the attention of attendees and leave memories that last a lifetime. Roy Zaltsman specializes in extraordinary events, particularly for corporate audiences. Zaltsman uses his amazing feats of mental prowess and glowing charm to deliver a performance that locks all eyes at center stage.

During his captivating presentations, he interacts constantly with his audience through abilities such as advanced intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance to create an astounding experience at your event. Watch as he unleashes stunning performance feats such as guessing a sequence of numbers devised by an audience member or even moves an object with the power of his mind.

Zaltsman is a master of showmanship, and will mesmerize all in attendance with his remarkable abilities. Seminars, conferences and other corporate events are a perfect forum for his skills, and a Roy Zaltsman performance is guaranteed to make your next company function a greater success than ever. A remarkable event ensures that all invited guests leave with positive impressions of your company and its outreach efforts, increasing internal morale as well as strengthening your connection with your clients.

For corporate event organizers seeking to impress and inspire as well as inform, the clear choice is Roy Zaltsman.

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