Magic for Business

Memorable presentations increase listener engagement, and feats of magic can be powerful visual aids that ensures that your message sticks in listeners minds. Mentalist Roy Zaltsman has made a career of captivating and inspiring audiences worldwide, and now you can learn his secrets of unforgettable presentation with his Magic for Business Workshop.

Virtually any business professional knows that the most challenging part of outreach is to attract new interest from “cold” prospects, and Roy’s mastery of performance and extensive teaching experience create a step-by-step process that can turn anyone into an expert at breaking the ice.

The Roy Zaltsman Magic for Business workshop is ideal for executives, sales associates, and anyone else whose most valuable resource is the interest of potential clients. It teaches you quick, simple techniques performed with common objects found practically anywhere, and these attention-grabbing effects can provide the spark you need to warm an audience to your message at a moment’s notice. Items such as a pen, a piece of paper, or a bank note are all you need to turn all eyes to you any time.

This one-of-a-kind workshop will not only teach you how to instantly become the focus of any business meeting with a variety of eye-catching effects, but how to use your new powers of attraction to increase the appeal of presentations. Take your networking skill set to a charming new level with a workshop from Roy Zaltsman, entertainer extraordinaire.

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