About Roy Zaltsman

Roy Zaltsman carries an undeniable passion for performance, and it shows each time he takes center stage. Each performance is carefully coordinated to enhance the specific event and custom-tailored to the needs of his clients. These amazing shows along with a distinguished history of entertainment that spans decades and continents have earned him the admiration of fans as well as the respect of the mentalist community.

Zaltsman is a psychological entertainer, a master performer with thousands of spellbinding performances to his credit and can command the attention of any audience with his mesmerizing abilities. Along with his astounding skills as a mentalist that include displaying telekinesis, precognition and the ability to read thoughts, he is also an accomplished master of ceremonies and keynote speaker thanks to his quick wit and natural magnetism.

Roy Zaltsman blends these well-honed skills into an innovative presentation that is an outstanding addition to any corporate event as well as an unforgettable spectacle on its own. His client list includes several of the largest companies in the world, and he is truly at home before an audience of any size. Roy also offers corporate training seminars that can help a company’s most valued executives reach the peak of their potential through effective use of the most powerful tool: the human mind.

His extensive study of psychology, body language and memory enhancement techniques combined with his sparkling and dynamic personality make him a versatile performer and an ideal choice for many events. He is not only a mentalist, but a willing teacher, an engaging host and a facilitator of human potential. In fact, he is frequently in demand for lectures to fellow mentalists wishing to expand their own knowledge of the craft. Above all else, Zaltsman lives to delight and revels in the opportunity to touch lives one appearance at a time.

Roy Zaltsman's Video Clips

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Mind Reading show at BITS Pilani Interactive Mind Reading Roy Zaltsman amazes Amitabh Bachchan Telepathy shows Around the world Walking on broken glass Mind Reading Show for Ultratech Cement

Amongst Roy Zaltsman services:

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Mind Reading shows

Mind Reading shows

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Convention Host / Emcee

Convention Host / Emcee

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